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Michigan has some of the toughest drunk driving Laws in the entire country. Even a first offense can result in jail time. A drunk driving conviction has long lasting effects – it can result in a permanent criminal record that can prevent you from getting or keeping employment. Many people do not realize that a drunk driving conviction in Michigan can never be expunged or removed from your criminal record.

That is why it is essential to have an experienced drunk driving attorney handle your case. We are a criminal defense firm that has effectively and skillfully represented hundreds of people who were charged with OWI, DUI, DWI, DUIL, OUI, OUIL and related offenses in Michigan. We are here to help you.

We are committed to doing everything possible to protect your rights. If you have been charged with driving drunk, call us to find out what your options are. Our skilled lawyers will help you through the process, and give you the advice you need to understand the charges you are facing and to protect your rights.

Michigan Drunk Driving Penalties – by Macomb County Lawyers

In Michigan, Blood Alcohol Concentration of .08 is legally intoxicated. Michigan has some of the very toughest drunk driving penalties in the country. In Michigan the penalties for drunk driving substantially increase with each offense. When facing an OWI (Operating While Intoxicated), only very experienced drunk driving attorneys can get you the best results.

OWI First Offense – by Macomb County Lawyers

– Up to 93 Days in Jail
– Up to a $500 fine
– Up to 45 days of community service
– Driver’s License Revocation

OWI Second Offense – by Macomb County Lawyers

– Up to 1 YEAR Jail and $1000 fine
– Up to 90 days community service
– Driver’s License Revocation

OWI Third Offense – by Macomb County Lawyers

– Up to 5 YEARS in Jail
– Up to a $5000 fine
– Up to 6 months community service
– Driver’s License Suspension – by Macomb County Lawyers

Costs of Drunk Driving – by Macomb County Lawyers

Many people do not take time to consider the short-term and long-term costs of a drunk driving conviction. These can include:

    • Court Ordered Fines: Up to $5,000
    • Secretary of State Driver Responsibility Fee: Up to $2,000
    • Vehicle Forfeiture (loss of car to state): Several Thousand Dollars
    • Losing Job Due to Loss of License: Tens of Thousands of Dollars
    • Losing Job Due to Criminal Record: Tens of Thousands of Dollars
    • Higher Insurance Premiums: $1000/year or more for many years
    • Vehicle Interlock Device Costs: $1,000/per year or more

So, you can see that a poorly handled drunk driving case can end up costing you many thousands of dollars. But experienced drunk driving lawyers can use their skill, knowledge & reputation to avoid or minimize these costs. They can work with the judge & prosecutor to reduce fines and/or keep you out of jail and/or obtain a restricted license so you don’t lose your job. Investing in a skilled lawyer can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

About Breathalyzers & Macomb County Drunk Driving Cases

Michigan has an “implied-consent law” regarding blood alcohol tests. This means that if a person takes advantage of the privilege of driving, he or she has automatically consented to state administered chemical testing (such as Breath Testing) to determine his or her Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC). In other words, if you choose to drive in Michigan you automatically give up the right to refuse a blood alcohol test. 

Under Michigan’s recently revised laws, if you are driving and you refuse a police officer’s request to take a Breath Test, your driver’s license may be revoked or suspended. In Michigan the suspension is 1 year for a first refusal and 2 years for any additional refusals within a 7 year period.

When BAC results are over the legal limit (.08), you are “presumed” to be intoxicated. A defendant may challenge the Breath Test results by showing that the test was not given properly, or that there were problems with the test equipment. However, challenging a Breath Test is a very complicated and technical legal matter, and should only be done by an experienced Drunk Driving attorney. In some instances, an experienced attorney may be able to obtain “exclusion” of the original breath test results from the case or even dismissal of the case entirely!

The experienced lawyers at Lakeside Legal Group have successfully represented hundreds of individuals in drunk driving cases. They will offer you compassionate advice & aggressive representation at affordable rates, to ensure that your rights are protected and you get the results you deserve.

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