Automobile Accidents and Michigan No Fault Cases

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Macomb County Lawyers Understand Auto and No Fault Cases

In the United States more than 3 million people are injured in motor vehicle accidents annually.  We understand that a car accident, or a motorcycle, boat or plane accident can turn your life upside down.

Our Michigan lawyers have extensive experience in all types of motor vehicle accidents. We promptly and thoroughly investigate each case to assess liability and determine fault. We work with experienced investigators to obtain photographs, witness statements and other necessary investigation.

As experienced collision attorneys, we have an excellent understanding of the intricacies of Michigan’s No-Fault Law as well as under-insured and uninsured motorist coverage issues. We will help you obtain the medical treatment you need to get well again, and to document your injuries for your court case or settlement. And, if you have lost wages, suffered pain or anguish, or incurred other expenses from the accident, we will fight to make certain you are reimbursed for these significant costs, as well.


Michigan “No Fault Law”

Michigan is a “No-Fault” automobile insurance state. This means that most of the economic damage you suffer in an automobile accident will be paid by your own insurance company regardless of whether or not you were at fault in the accident.  In other words you are generally the one responsible to have adequate insurance coverage for yourself when driving.

No Fault law can be complicated and hard to understand. For example, if the car you were driving is uninsured and you were the registered owner of the vehicle, even if the other party was at fault, you may be legally barred from bringing suit against the other driver.  

Similarly,  if the other driver caused the accident but is not insured, your own insurance company may only pay for your personal injuries if you have “uninsured motorist” or “medical payments” coverage.  Or, if the other driver’s insurance is not enough to pay for all of your damages, your own insurance may pay the difference if you have “underinsured motorist” coverage.

Under some circumstances, even if you do not have this kind of insurance, or if your damages are more than the policy’s limit, you may be able to sue the other driver. Only an experienced auto accident attorney can evaluate your case and help you determine what insurance coverage you are entitled to.

Michigan “Mini Tort” Law

Under Michigan’s “Mini Tort” Law, you can also recover up to $500 for vehicle damage not covered by insurance.  You can sue the other driver if you were no more than 50% at fault in an accident.  If you were partially responsible for the accident, however, any court award in your favor would be reduced accordingly.  These Mini Tort lawsuits are handled in Small Claims Courts by the individual motorists involved.

Dramshop & Drunk Driver Cases

If the person who hit you had been drinking you may also be entitled to bring a a “Dramshop” law suit (separate from your insurance claim), against the person or bar who inappropriately served or sold alcohol to a person involved in the accident. The most common Dramshop Claims involve alcohol being served to someone who is visibly intoxicated.  A valid Dramshop Claim also exists if alcohol was served to a minor. There are very complex laws governing Dramshop Claims, and  the period to assert such a claim is very limited.

If alcohol was involved in your accident, only an experienced auto accident attorney can evaluate your case and help you determine what type of law suit(s) you may be able to bring.

Injured Passengers

Finally, sometimes an uninsured individual is an innocent passenger in a motor vehicle. In such circumstances, determining who is responsible to pay No-Fault Benefits can be complex, and an attorney should be consulted to verify that your claim is being handled by the proper insurance company.

Protecting Your Rights In A Car Accident Case

Often times insurance companies may vigorously fight against paying damages to an injured victim. Or, an insurance company will offer a minimal amount of money in exchange for you signing a document stating that you won’t sue them. We recommend that you never take an insurance check without first consulting an experienced automobile accident lawyer.

We have handled hundreds of cases involving Michigan automobile accidents, including collisions, car accidents resulting from defective auto products and crashes that are the fault of drunk drivers. If you have been the victim of a car, bus or vehicle accident we will fight for you to get the compensation you deserve.

Experienced auto accident & no fault attorney Justin Vande Vrede and the lawyers at Lakeside Legal Group have successfully represented hundreds of individuals who have been injured in car crashes. They will offer you compassionate advice & aggressive representation to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

And there is never, ever a fee until we recover.

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