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We understand that nothing is more important to you than your children. Whether your child custody is established through a divorce, a family support case, or a paternity case, we can help you protect your rights and understand your options. We have helped hundreds of parents obtain the custody they deserve.

Sole Custody is when children live primarily with one parent, who is responsible for the child’s care and who is the sole person responsible for making decisions about the child’s life.

Joint Legal Custody refers to parents sharing the important decisions relating to the child. Joint Legal Custody may or may not include sharing physical custody.

Parenting Time is the word used by the Court to refer to court-ordered visitation that a non-custodial parent has with their child. If the parties can not agree on a schedule, the court will impose one.



In Michigan, a Judge considers 12 factors when determining custody:

    • (1.) Love and emotional ties;
    • (2.) Capacity to give guidance, education and religion;
    • (3.) Capacity to provide food, clothing, medical care and material needs;
    • (4.) The length of time the child has lived in a stable environment;
    • (5.) The permanence as a family unit;
    • (6.) Moral fitness;
    • (7.) Mental and physical health;
    • (8.) Child’s home, school and community record;
    • (9.) Reasonable preference of child (if the child is of sufficient age);
    • (10.) Willingness to keep a close, continuing relationship between
      the child and the other parent;
    • (11.) Any domestic violence; and,
    • (12.) Any other factor that the Court considers relevant.


Understanding Michigan Custody Law - By Macomb County Lawyers

family law attorney macombGenerally, Michigan courts will approve or allow any child custody arrangement to which both parents agree. In fact, Michigan judges prefer that parents reach an agreeable decision regarding visitation time that works for the child and for both parents. Of course, it is always in the best psychological interest of the child if the parents “get along” and do not subject the child to the devastating emotional stress of being “in the middle” of a custody or visitation fight.

Similarly, custody and parenting time can be changed or “modified” any time both parties agree and the Court approves. Unless there is clear detriment to the child, the Court will generally approve any changes to which both of the parents agree.

Unfortunately, an agreement regarding custody and visitation can not always be reached by the parties. When parents cannot agree on custody or parenting time (visitation), a Motion must be filed. Then the Judge will decide who gets custody as well as the amount of parenting time the other parent receives.

Because of the complexity of Michigan’s custody law, only an experienced lawyer can fully explain your custody rights and how the law applies to your situation. If you have a custody matter in Michigan, you need an understanding, aggressive and experienced family law attorney to ensure you get the custody that you deserve.

Experienced family law attorney Justin Vande Vrede and the lawyers at Lakeside Legal Group have successfully represented hundreds of individuals in their divorces. They will offer you compassionate advice & aggressive representation at affordable rates, to ensure that your rights are protected and you get the results you deserve.

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