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In Michigan, the time a child spends with each parents was formerly called “visitation” and is now called “parenting time”. Under Michigan law it is considered to be in the child’s best interests to have a strong relationship with both parents, if at all possible. Parents are encouraged to reach an agreement upon the best schedule to maintain a relationship with both parents. But, when the parents are unable to agree, the Court will make the determination based upon the best interests of the child.

We understand that spending time with your child and having a good relationship with him or her is the most important thing in your life. And dealing with the child’s other parent, who may be uncooperative or irresponsible, can be frustrating, overwhelming and even frightening. We have the experience and the compassion to assist with dealing with this type of difficult situation.

Reasonable Visitation – by Affordable Macomb County Lawyers

family law attorney macombWhen both parents can “get along” with each other, “reasonable” or “liberal” parenting time may be ordered. This arrangement does not include specific days and time frames, so it allows parents the greatest flexibility. This type of order allows parents to adjust the parenting time schedule as the child’s needs and schedules change, without having to go back to court.

However, most parents are encouraged to have some set schedule of enforceable parenting time, in order to have something to rely upon if disputes arise – including how to handle specific holidays and school breaks

Ideally, both parents can agree on the specific days and times that each would have the child, and would accommodate each others’ schedules. When parents are agreeable and cooperative it causes less stress and less psychological damage to the child. Unfortunately, however, one parent may not be cooperative and/or unwilling to be accommodating. When this happens and the parents can not agree on parenting time, the Court will have to determine parenting time.


Contested Visitation – by Macomb County Parenting Time Lawyers

The Judge will often refer parties who can not reach an agreement to mediation or to the Friend of the Court for an investigation and recommendation as to a specific schedule that will be imposed upon the family. In these cases, a very specific schedule is likely to be ordered by the Court. So, it is important for a parent to have an experienced attorney to fight aggressively for their rights and to defend against allegations between the parties, if necessary.

Standard Visitation – by Affordable Macomb County Parenting Time Lawyers

In Michigan, it is common for the Court to allow the child to live during the week with the parent who can provide the most stable and supportive environment for the child’s health, education and emotional well-being. The non-custodial parent is then usually (though not always) allowed to see the child one evening during every week, as well as every-other weekend, and on alternating holidays, and for 2 to 4 weeks during summer vacations from school.

However, many courts are expanding upon this “standard” visitation format – and the current trend is to allow expanded alternate weekend parenting time as well as more flexible vacation periods for both parents.

It is important to note that since child support is based upon the number of overnights spent with each parent, one parent may try to arrange schedules that are not practical nor reasonable for the minor child(ren) in order to affect child support. These types of issues require the skill of an experienced family law attorney to ensure that the Court orders what is in the best interest of the child

We are here to protect your rights, so that your children have the safe, stable and loving parenting time arrangement that they deserve. We have used our skill, our energy and our years of experience in hundreds of Michigan cases to bring about the best possible parenting time arrangements for our clients. If you are facing “visitation” or “parenting time” issues in Macomb County, Oakland County, or Wayne County call us. We have helped hundreds of parents. We can help you.

The experienced lawyers at Lakeside Legal Group have successfully represented hundreds of individuals in their parenting time matters. They will offer you compassionate advice & aggressive representation at affordable rates, to ensure that your rights are protected and you get the results you deserve.

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